Rules of website usage and newsletter policy

GDPR Compliance

EU based organizations or processing data of EU-based subjects are bound to comply with General Data Protection Regulation, starting on May 25, 2018. We implemented those regulations and will seek further for best practices, when they show up. 

To ensure highest standards and consistent experience while using our website, we adopted GDPR approach to all our users, nevertheless of their place of residence.

Privacy by design

We collect only necessary personal data and restrict access to it – privacy is the basis of our thinking as we plan our systems.

Your rights

Any request made due to your rights, described below, should be send on email:

Breach notification

We will notify you (by email) in case of breach within 72 hours of first having become aware of it.

Right to access

You can obtain information if we are processing your data. If so, we will inform you where, for what purpose and on your demand will send email with copy of your personal data.

Right to be forgotten

Upon your request, and if there’s no legitimate interest for continuing the processing of your personal data and it is no longer necessary in relation to the aim it was collected for, we will erase your data. To do so send us an email, as unsubscribing from email footer may not always function properly.

Data portability

You may request your personal data in .CSV format, to use it elsewhere.

Cookies policy

GDPR considers a cookies UID to be "personal data", even though it does not identify who you are or reveal anything else about you. However, per Article 6 of the GDPR, use of cookie in our case does not require a visitor's direct consent because it is done as "necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests”:

  • analytics, knowing how much traffic is hitting our websites and affecting infrastructure (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel)
  • deliver referral code mechanism on newsletters, which we are obliged to do (domain track code and referral code)

Thus, we will only inform you of our cookies usage. To disable them, follow your browser instructions.

Data retention & purpose

Purpose of personal data we collect is very simple – to provide you with newsletter of things we find “cool”. For that purpose, we will store your data for 5 years from the processing date.

Data controller