Kriss de Valnor
the Lord of the Woods

A fan film that will not disappoint fantasy enthusiasts - at last!

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About the movie

Amazing energy of fantasy fandom

"Kriss de Valnor and Lord of the Woods” is an independent production by Bui Sisters, an artistic duo of French-born Polish siblings. Inspired with adventures of Thorgal film tells the story of female warrior wandering through pre-Slav wilderness. 
Kriss de Valnor faces the power of time locked in magic talisman and women who love to death.

About us

The dream of our childhood

We are Julia and Mai Bui Ngoc. We were born and raised in a charming town in Southern France in the beginning of 1980s. Since there was no Internet or too many cartoons in the television at the time, children spent most of their free time reading comic books. And so did we! Our favorite series was Thorgal – tale of a Viking living in ancient times. We read each volume for myriads of times! We dreamed about moving ourselves with some mysterious power to filled with magic world of Thorgal... And now we came up with an idea of making our Thorgal-inspired film, not dramatizing the comic book series itself! Creating our own magical world, which we have been dreaming of since our childhood!


Cast of the film is our greatest pride and joy. The film was created not only by the main characters presented below, but also a few dozens of wild, valorous women. And that statement is not just a figure of speech. Majority of them perform in Julia's School of Dancing with Combat Fans. She teaches the girls how to be alert, canny and able to struck an lethal blow unnoticed!

Ewa Kasprzyk


Ada Nejman

Kriss de Valnor

Magda Kielar


Włodek Dembowski


It will be one of the best fan movies

We asked some people how they like our movie so far. Read what they think about it! Hope you'll love it too!


Justyna Jary

A delightful, magical movie!

Yvonne Heron

A beautiful, magical movie! And what a vibe!

Anna Czuba

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